You want to make sure the folks handling your music assets are not only experienced but also have your best interests at heart. With more than 30 years' experience, PODBUM® Crypto Coin founder is preferred crypto currency ledger specialist. PODBUM® Crypto Coin is enabling music disruption everywhere!

Music is a "perpetual" asset backed by future royalties from prior years and future year "performances." Unfortunately, artists, producers and music
content aggregators have to wait to receive their "royalties" years after all
the conditions necessary to "realize" revenues have come and gone. The
solution to this problem lies with "smart contracts," blockchain and
cryptocurrency. But more change is required in order to unleash the
promise of artistic freedom.
Bringing music contracts and consumption to the digital age serves to:
Stimulate an ecosystem that fosters creativity
Increase interaction between music producers, artists and fans
Remove "rent seeking" behavior from the economic value chain
Enhance transparency in "accounting" for music asset

As an artist myself, I take this very seriously given where I have come and
how I have seen the music industry change. I'd like to invite you to donate
to our effort.