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The old "Jurassic" music industry model depended on fans to buy CDs, go to concerts and buy merchandise. In order to create a relationship, artist had to find a way to be in front of fans either through rigorous touring or making it to the top of the charts. The new music model does not know what to depend on. Fans are often fickle and are quick to "unfollow" an artist or song they don't like in less than fraction of a second. How then is an artist, producer or marketing executive supposed to keep track and engage with fans? What if it is not possible for such an engagement to occur as often as possible? Therein lies the problem faced by artists, songwriters and producers looking to find their niche in the #MusicWars Lasting music engagements are hard to measure as the churn rate for subscription based services indicate. One possible solution is the creation of a Sentimental Music Analytics as a Service (AaaS) platform. With AaaS, creators of music content can see how users are engaging with their content, build enduring relationships and utilize pin-point targeting methodologies to "take back their trade craft." Are you struggling to define your pecking order in the digital music industry #MusicWars?